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CAM-150 - Sensor for locking group

It detects if an anti-slip device (or group of devices) of a telescopic structure, is completely locked (f.e. truck stabilizers)

The board, that is fixed on locking group, monitors security lever position; in this condition the sensor, without mechanical movement, enable an output signal that supplies a led indication or others. It is possible to connect many devices in series; the output signal supplies the after locking group. In this way there is only one led indication (or signal enable) when all the devices are in security.

TAM-100 - Thermostat with starter for motor

The device measures the temperature and switch a motor on (like an electric fan) in direct current; it supplies the motor with a current ramp

When the temperature get up to 60°C, the device begins starting motor phase, supplying a growing voltage to the motor. In this way, the motor starts moving gradually, and current absorption (rms) never exceeds nominal value. Protection fuse has to be calculate with this value, so it can operate in case of mechanical problems or reverse polarity.

TIA-20 - Analog inclination transmitter

It transmits own inclination compared to a vertical coordinating system, by a 4-20mA current loop

It is very easy to install TIA-20 device on the systems for reading the inclination of a moving part. No need of articulations. It does not feel shocks and water jets. It does not work on running vehicles.

AR - Ball rotary actuator

The AR ball rotary actuator carries out variations and angle corrections, dulling oscillations. It allows a stable and precise regulation. With its innovative ball, AR is an alternative to the use of rack/pinion to regulate inclination or rotation up to 360°. Its compactness and versatility makes it perfect: both in its light and in its heavy series, for applications requiring small efforts as well as for the movement of mechanical parts of considerable size. Its advantage is the strongest possible terms of rotation due to ball contact and the compactness of the system, also linked to the absolute reliability and durability.