Our history

Tecfluid was set up by founders with two decades of experience in the hydraulic components sector, with a combination of technical, design, sales and entrepreneurial skills coming together to from an extremely dynamic company at the cutting edge of innovation, able to design and manufacture oil hydraulic systems for mobile and industrial equipment and electronic movement control systems.

The knowledge of the global market, acquired by the partners over the years, some of it with multinational companies, has given them the ability to identify the actual needs of customers, building up he company's identity around them. The ability to offer customised systems and the close attention paid to customers, together with punctual, reliable deliveries, are the elements fundamental to the success of our products.

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The organization

The workflow at Tecfluid is made up of a series of progressive stages, each linking up with the next along the line in order to guarantee a rapid response to the customer's needs and to cut errors to a minimum.

Tecfluid sales consultant are trained in such a way as to identify customers' needs right from the first meeting, during which we work in close collaboration with the customer in order to carry out an initial structural analysis of the product to be handled and to define the main characteristics' of the oil hydraulic systems required, and where appropriate the electronic control system.

Tecfluid's Technical Design Office the analyses the data collected and develops a series of different proposal, accompanied by the pertinent design projects, so that the customer can actually see on paper the various solutions, measurements, sizes and critical points of the system. In the sense, Tecfluid offers a valuable consulting and technical support service, guiding the customer towards the most functional solution, based on the performance required of the product.

The flexible structure allows us to proceed quickly to the prototyping stage, which, for systems requiring standard components, can take no more than a few days. When specifics, customised components have to be built, the prototype takes just few weeks to be created, thanks to the modern technologies used and the network of reliable suppliers, in some of which the company has an interest. The prototype allows the customers to check the functionality of the system, to test it with the on-going support of Tecfluid staff ad to adapt and adjust it before it moves on the production stage.

The approved design project accompanies the product during the assembly stage, thus guaranteeing maximum precision and efficiency in carrying out operations, from finding the components and assembling them through to the final testing carried out on every product supplied by Tecfluid.